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22 January 2013 @ 11:41 pm
lady stardust (PG; 2,358 words)  
title; lady stardust
characters; Addison Montgomery, Amelia Shepherd
rating + words; PG + 2,358
warning; character death
summary; couldn't wash the echoes out (it's time to move on)

“Hello?” She calls out. Her voice doesn’t quite echo, though it reflects the emptiness. Henry fusses and she shifts him to her other hip. “Anybody?” When no one answers, she pokes her head in the offices and exam rooms. They look exactly like she left them when she went home the other night; computers asleep, pillows slightly askew, charts neatly stacked and organized, equipment put away. Cooper’s left his desk light on, so she turns it off.

“Hello, Addison.”

She turns at the sound of Amelia’s voice, finding her friend standing in the middle of the practice, hands in her pockets.

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