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30 March 2012 @ 04:48 pm
Title Dream a Little Dream
Author: royal_ivy
Pairing: Charlotte/Violet femslash
Summary: Violet is having some pretty inappropriate dreams about a certain Dr. King and at Oceanside Wellness gossip travels fast. Takes place in season 2.

Chapter Six   

She was late for her meeting with Charlotte. The blonde was going to be furious with her. Punctuality was Charlotte’s biggest pet peeve. She picked up her pace once she got to the fourth floor and practically sprinted to the blonde’s office.

“Sorry, I’m late. I got caught up with a patient.”

Charlotte stood up silently and motioned for her to come over to her side of the desk. She nervously made her way over. The blonde grabbed her by her hips and pulled her in for a rough kiss. Teeth, tongue and lips crashed together. Violet found herself giving up and letting Charlotte take control of the kiss. She didn’t mind though and moaned her appreciation. It was a warm, wet and thorough kiss and something she clearly needed all day.

The blonde pulled away and panted by her ear, “You know I’m going to have to punish you for being late, don’t you?”

She clenched her thighs together and nodded enthusiastically.

The blonde smirked. “Good girl. Now bend over.”

She let the blonde lower her down to the desk. Charlotte stood behind her without saying a word, without touching her. The anticipation was killing her. She could feel a liquid heat pooling in her belly as she clenched her hands around the edges of the desk. Finally the blonde kicked her legs further apart.

A hand came to rest on her ass. She wriggled impatiently and the blonde gave her a quick smack before wandering under her skirt. Charlotte ran her hand up the insides of her thighs, eliciting a whimper from her.

“Charlotte, please.”

The blonde bent over her and put her lips next to her ears. She felt the blonde’s hot breath on her skin and moaned. “You’re not very patient.”

Charlotte cupped her through her soaked panties before slipping a hand underneath the smooth fabric and into her wetness.

She gasped and just as the blonde was about to make good on her punishment her alarm went off.


Violet awoke from her arousing dream with a jolt. She slammed a hand down on her alarm clock and let out a frustrated growl. Ever since Charlotte kissed her, her dreams had been getting worse, or better depending on how you looked at it. The blonde hadn’t so much as acknowledged her during the past two weeks. Admittedly, that wasn’t exactly the blonde’s fault. The death of a high profile politician had caused some turmoil at St. Ambrose. The threat of a malpractice lawsuit kept the blonde busy and away from her own practice.

Thankfully, Charlotte was able to persuade the politician’s family to drop the case. She watched the story last night on the news and felt oddly relieved that the blonde was off the hook. And even odder, she felt relieved that the blonde was no longer busy at the hospital. She would most likely be back in her office at Pacific Wellcare by this morning.


Charlotte sighed. She had to get to the practice extra early this morning just to catch up with the truck load of paperwork left on her desk. St. Ambrose had been such a mess over the last few weeks and she had been trying to put out as many fires as she could while trying to appease the politician’s family and keep her hospital in order. She was just happy to be at Pacific Wellness where it was quiet and she could actually see real live patients.

She looked over at the clock. Two weeks ago Violet would have been bringing her coffee and breakfast. The food was nice and she hadn’t minded seeing someone who was genuinely nice to her. People usually couldn’t wait to scurry away from her and get back to whatever dark hole they crawled out from. The curly-hair therapist had actually stayed and talked to her. It was nice to have someone like that.

Charlotte wasn’t really sure what was going on in her own head lately. It wasn’t the fact that she enjoyed the therapist’s friendliness that bothered her it was that she wanted more. Violet was kind of like a magnet. She drew everyone towards. She had tons of friends and even though Violet was clumsy and awkward she was still able to get a lot of men. For example, her brother and Sheldon. And now her. She had to admit, the therapist was growing on her.

She was used to actively going after what she wanted and always getting it. Now the question was, did she want to go after Violet? She was in desperate need of some good sex. She had a rather healthy sexual appetite and the frustration was beginning to take its toll on her and everyone else around her. She was beginning to feel bad about snapping at her employees for no reason.


Violet stopped off at Starbucks ordered their usual, plus the pumpkin spice bread. It was the blonde’s favorite. She had stopped getting coffee for the blonde the day after the dinner with Charlotte and her brother, but she thought it might cheer the blonde up after having such a terrible two weeks. She certainly wasn’t doing it because she missed the blonde in any way. Nope, definitely not. Charlotte was her mortal enemy. Wasn’t she? Violet wasn’t really sure what was happening. That kiss just turned her all about, but if the blonde wasn’t going to acknowledge what had happened then she wouldn’t either.

The blonde was the only one at the practice. It was still early. The blinds to her office were drawn, but she could see the blonde sitting at her desk through the open door, working diligently on her paperwork. She stood in the doorway, suddenly remembering her dream from last night. She felt face heat up and tried to shake it off before making her presence known.

“Morning,” she finally said.

The blonde looked up and gave her a tired smile.

“You know you don’t have to do that anymore.”

She closed the door behind her and then handed the blonde her coffee and pastry.

“I know, but the last two weeks have been crazy for you, so…” She shrugged and looked down at the desk. In her dreams last night she was bent over that desk. She felt her whole body flush. Her cheeks were burning and she was pretty sure that people from space could see how red she was. Why did that dream have to be so hot? Why did Charlotte have to be so hot?

“You okay, Turner? You’re turning red.”

She looked around the room, trying to avoid looking at the Charlotte, or down her shirt, or at her desk.

Charlotte sat back in her chair and smiled impishly at her. “Oh, I see. You had another dream last night, didn’t you?”

She shifted nervously from one foot to the other.

“You wanna tell me what I did to you that has you blushing so hard?”

“You, uh, you bent me over your desk and ....”

She heard a sharp intake of breath and tore her eyes away from the floor to look at the blonde.  Charlotte was looking at her with hooded eyes and slightly parted lips.

“And?” The blonde prompted.

She froze in place, unsure what to do. She didn’t really know what to do with Charlotte. The blonde had never shown any interest in her before, unless of course it was to verbally abuse her, but something had definitely changed. She was starting to like her.

When she didn’t say anything more the blonde got up and walked over to where she was standing. Behind her, Charlotte ran a slender hand down her spine and over the curvature of her backside.

“Tell me what happened,” the blonde commanded in a low gravelly voice.

“Okay, this definitely has to be a dream.”

The blonde chuckled from behind her and ran both hands along her sides. Those hands then ran over her hips and back up her spine, coming to rest on her shoulders. She shivered involuntarily and wondered if she should put a stop to this. Charlotte was kind of her boss and she was pretty sure this was unethical or inappropriate or something.

Her train of thought was lost when the blonde’s hand cupped her ass and then went past the hem of her skirt to the bare skin of her thighs. She was pretty sure she had stopped breathing when she felt Charlotte begin to slowly lift up the back of her skirt.

A knock at the door sent her skyrocketing in the air. The blonde let out a huff of annoyance and opened the door.

It was Wyatt Lockhart. Pacific Wellcare’s oncologist and Charlotte’s biggest cash cow. “Dr. King, I have an important matter I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Of course.”

Violet took the hint and hurried out of the room. She should not have let that happen. She should not have let Charlotte run her hands over her until she felt like she was going to explode with frustration.


Cooper didn’t know what was wrong with his best friend. Violet had been anxious and distracted for the past week or so. He wanted to ask her what was wrong, but he knew Violet. Eventually she wouldn’t be able to keep it all to herself and she would blurt it out and tell him everything. Today Violet was looking particularly flustered and he wondered if she was having some sort of romantic fling. It would explain why she was being so tight lipped all of a sudden.

If she was having a fling, it was probably with Sheldon and she really didn’t need to hide that. He sighed and threw one of the pillows from Violet’s office couch at her.

“Hey!” She protested.

He grinned.

“You’re staring off into space again. What’s on your mind?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Is it Sheldon?”

“What? Oh, yeah. We still haven’t gone on our date yet. He hasn’t really talked to me in a while.” It was actually the other way around.

“I’m sure he’s just busy or Charlotte is being a dragon lady again and scaring the crap out of everyone.”

Violet threw the pillow back at him. “You know she’s been having a stressful week.”

He arched an eyebrow at her, but said nothing. Since when did Vi defend Cruella?

“How’s Julia?”

“She’s good. Great. We’re actually thinking about going away for a weekend.”


Violet was in between patients at the moment, which was good because the blonde had picked that moment to come in and gracefully seat herself on her office couch. Charlotte crossed her arms, clenched her jaw and otherwise said nothing.

“Are you alright?”

“Of course, I’m alright,” the blonde snapped.

“Okay. Sorry I asked.”

After a moment of silence the blonde sighed and spoke again. “Lockhart quit on me. That’s what he came to discuss this morning. He gave me his two weeks’ notice.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, I bet you are. I bet everyone here will be happy to hear that I can’t hold on to my big name doctors.”

“Charlotte, that’s not true.” She genuinely cared that the blonde was upset.

“Unless I can find someone just as stellar as Lockhart, White is going to fire my behind.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Can you find me another cash cow?”


The blonde scowled at her suddenly. “Why do you even care?”

She felt like she was going around in circles both figuratively and literally. This conversation was just an endless cycle of her trying to help and the blonde snapping at her. On top of that she was starting to feel a little dizzy and a little queasy.

She attempted to answer Charlotte’s question. “Because we’re kind of, sort of, friends? We’re friendlier. I mean you like me and-.”

“I never said I liked you.”

“But this morning…in your office. I thought-.”

The blonde smirked. “Get over yourself Violet. I work two jobs. Sometimes I need a distraction.”

Okay, now she was definitely feeling sick. She put a hand on her churning stomach and tried to take the blonde’s comments too seriously. Charlotte was obviously upset. That’s probably what all this backlash was. She picked a spot on the floor to stare at and tried to concentrate on not puking.


Charlotte waited for the curly-haired therapist to respond, but Violet didn’t say anything back. The therapist was silent and staring the floor for some reason. This wasn’t any fun at all when the therapist wasn’t fighting her back.

“Violet,” she said a little hesitantly. She might have been slightly worried that she actually hurt the therapist’s feelings.

Violet looked up at her with a pained expression on her face.

Charlotte frowned. “You’re as white as a ghost. Are you alright?”

Violet opened her mouth to speak and then quickly ran out of the room, presumably to get to the bathroom.

Now Charlotte actually felt bad about her last jab. She prided herself in being so unaffected by everything, but now Violet was starting to make her feel like a crappy person. A small part of her worried that her words actually made the therapist sick.

She got up and went to Cooper’s office. The man in question raised an eyebrow at her sudden appearance.

“You should check on Dr. Turner. She’s sick or something.”

“Oh,” he said, instantly concerned. “Where is she?”

“Try the ladies room.”

She watched Cooper hurry out of his office and made a mental note to text the therapist later. She wasn’t going to apologize or anything, but she would make sure Violet was alright. It was the least she could do after molesting the woman this morning and then making her sick.

adventurelucky7: pic#102457747adventurelucky7 on June 17th, 2012 11:12 pm (UTC)
For the love of Pete, no pun intended, please tell me you're going to finish this story. It's amazing!